Functional Pottery by Amy Wandless

Amy's Artist Statement

I make stoneware and porcelain pottery to achieve equilibrium in my life. My analytical, scientific nature is balanced out by the freedom and joy I find by expressing myself through the artistic process. I enjoy making something useful and attractive using my own two hands. It may require measurements, it may perfectly match another pot or it may be loose, flowing and one-of-a-kind.

I enjoy unearthing the hidden potential in a lump of moist clay and guiding its transformation into something beautiful and useful. The subsequent thrill and excitement of sharing the results of my work with others is a delightful side-effect of making functional pottery. I respect the bond between maker and user. The pot came from my eye and my hands but it appeals to your eye and feels good in your hands. What could be better?

The endless possibilities I can achieve with different clays, different glazes, and different firing techniques keep me searching and learning every day I'm on this ceramic journey.